Our wonderful guidance department is fully committed and dedicated to assisting every student achieve maximum success and helping our students reach their college goals. If you cannot find what you are looking for on this page or just need to have someone to listen to or discuss a concern, please contact one of our staff members; we are here for you!

Important Announcements

Important Websites

Use these websites to your advantage. We want to provide you with the resources we think will promote your academic success. The first is Khan Academy. This website offers tutorials for math and science lessons. They are really well-done, easy to follow, and detailed enough for students to pick up on information they may have missed during class. The second site is Consumer Reports. This site offers the latest data available on colleges.

Earn College Credit
Indiana Wesleyan University offers qualified juniors and seniors the opportunity to take 100 level college classes on the IWU campus for $50 per class. If you are interested in learning more about this program, please contact Mrs. Hodson.

Guidance Counselors

Gwen Hodson - Director of Guidance
Grades 10, 11, and 12
I have been a school counselor for Madison-Grant schools since 2006. I enjoy my career. It is my dream job, and I hope that all of our students find this satisfaction someday in their careers. My goal as a school counselor is to help each of our students develop the skills necessary to achieve their personal and academic aspirations. I have four children ages 14-20, so I am very familiar with the demands and expectations placed on parents and students. Please feel free to contact me at anytime with concerns or questions about your child.

Meylissa Stanley - Counselor
Grades 7, 8, and 9
I am blessed to work in the educational field for more than 20 years. From preschool to elementary and junior high to high school, I enjoy working with children of all ages. As a mother of three girls, I understand the importance of planning for your child's educational future, and I am excited to have the opportunity to serve the students at Madison-Grant. Whether it is transitioning from elementary to junior high or planning for college and career, I am available to help students in any way I can.

Prepare For Success

Students, we strive to help you prepare for advancement through each grade level and ultimately graduation and on to higher learning. We are serious about your success. The information on this page will help you remain focused on the reason you are here: to do well in high school and gain the knowledge you will need to excel in your studies and reach your goals.

Grade Progression Graduation

A student determines his/her own progress toward graduation and receiving a diploma by completing required coursework, earning the necessary credits, and meeting the Graduation Qualifying Examination requirement. We only promote a student when he/she meets the necessary requirements or has completed the goals and objectives of an Individualized Education Plan (IEPL). It is the student's responsibility to keep in contact with his/her counselor and teachers to ensure that he/she is meeting all requirements. Information about credits and course requirements is available in the guidance office. A counselor will be pleased to answer any questions.

State of Indiana

The Indiana State Board of Education allows students four options regarding course and credits for earning their high school diploma. They are as follows:



Class of 2016 and Beyond


Students typically start taking the SAT their junior year and may take it through their senior year. This test is given seven times per year at area schools. Register early, so you can get your first-choice test center. If you need practice tests and still need to register for testing, visit

Register for the ACT through the ACT website, or you may pick up an application in the guidance office. As with the SAT, students will typically start taking the ACT their junior year into their senior year.

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